From Tax on Rental Properties to Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax

All companies registered in Ireland must make a corporation tax return (CT1) within nine months of their year end. I can assist your entity with the completed computation, filing and correspondence with the Revenue Commissioners.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

All companies registered for VAT are obliged to make VAT returns (VAT 3 form) at least once a year. You may elect to have the cycle changed but generally, VAT returns are made on a bi-monthly cycle. Therefore VAT for the January/February period will be due on the 19th March following.


If your entity has employees it must deduct PAYE/PRSI & Levies and pay over this tax deduction to the Revenue Commissioners by the 14th of the followings month. I can compute this liability for you and issue payslips for all your employees and complete the returns on-line via the ROS system.

Self Assessment / Income Tax

For the normal PAYE workers all taxes will be deducted at source. Therefore, no further tax liability should arise unless they are receiving income from another source. A typical example would be income received from investment property. If you are in receipt on additional income, you will need to make a self assessment return. I can assist you with the completed computation, filing and correspondence with the Revenue Commissioners.

Directors Returns

If you own more than 15% of the issued share capital of an Irish limited company, then you will need to complete a form 11 by the 31st Oct of the year following you taking up office with the entity. If you have any queries about this, I would love to hear from you.

Capital Gains Tax

If you have made a profit on the sale of any capital item then you will need to make a declaration to the Revenue Commissioners. The rate in 2014 is 33% of the net gain. If you have a capital gain or if you are unsure if you are liable for capital gains tax, then contact me and I can help you.