We Don’t Just Count Numbers!

Professional Business Advice

Over the years we have come across many cases. Don’t think yours is any different. Come and talk to us, after all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

Regular Business Reviews

I am available to talk with you at a moments notice. I will keep you advised of changes in legislation which I feel will affect you or your business. I am here to listen to any queries or concerns that you may possess about your business and all you have to do is lift up the phone and call.

Business Planning & Forecasting

Your organisation may require one, three or five year business plans, I can complete these with a short turn around time, tailored to your business. Business plans consist of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash forecast for the number of years required by the organisation.

Company Valuations

Company valuations are completed using modern valuation techniques that are recognised and accepted by the profession. Whether you are starting up, selling up or raising capital, come and speak to me about your valuation needs.