VAT 3 Returns

All VAT Registered persons, whether they are Sole traders, Partnerships or Limited Companies and who are required to submit a VAT Return for the period 1st January 2011 to February 28th 2011 (VAT 3 Form) have until March 19th to submit this return.

This VAT Return details the VAT charged on their Sales (Output VAT) and the VAT paid on their Purchases (Input VAT). They are also required to disclose the amount of Sales of Goods to other EU countries, together with Purchases from Other EU countries.

By subtracting the Input VAT from the Input VAT, the amount of VAT to be paid/ refunded is calculated. This payment must be made by March 19th. In the event of a repayment, there is an option to have the amount refunded to your bank account or to have it offset against other Tax Liabilities, e.g. Employers Returns (P30).

Depending on a taxpayers circumstances this is often a good idea as by leaving money ‘on account’, it will reduce future liabilities. For example, if you are an Employer and you often struggle to make your P30 payment it may be a good idea to request the Revenue Commissioners allocate a VAT refund to your future PREM liability.

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